Monthly Meetings

Please join us for our monthly business meeting, which takes place every second Thursday.  Bring the kids and meet other stay-at-home moms!  Contact us for additional information.

Club Chapters

The MOMS Club Danbury East chapter supports all of Danbury except for the King Street, Pembroke, and Mill Ridge school districts
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for the Danbury Schools Street Listing. 

MOMS Club of Danbury East, Connecticut is a chapter of International MOMS Club®.  We support all of Danbury, Connecticut except for the King Street, Pembroke, and Mill Ridge school districts.

We are local moms with children of all ages who have come together to offer one another support, resources, and friendship. As a nonprofit organization, we also coordinate community fundraisers.

As a MOMS Club member, you will be invited to enjoy many activities with your children each week such as playdates, field trips, and park days. There are also activities just for adults including Moms' Night Out.  You can attend the already planned events or coordinate ideas of your own.

Members in need of assistance due to pregnancy, illness, or other family situations can also call upon the Sunshine Coordinator.  The type and amount of assistance will vary depending on the situation. Assistance is usually in the form of home meal delivery but may also include errands and/or childcare.